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What Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get

If you are considering upgrading your current home, or if you want one that is built from scratch, then hiring a professional custom home builder such as Rivera Construction Inc is an absolute must. The information listed in the following frequently asked questions post will explain to you what our company is about, and what we can offer you.

Tell me a few background details about the history of your company

We started our journey in 2016, only after spending more than 25 years learning the intricacies of this industry. Our reputation is unsurpassed, and we are well-known within the Carlsbad, CA area for our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to deal with even the most complex of projects. All of our team have been carefully chosen for their abilities, and we have access to the best materials, equipment, and tools, that aid us in our daily work. All of our jobs are within local and state code and building regulations, which means that inspections do not worry us. We make sure all our clients only receive the best from us, and that will also include honesty, integrity, and reliability, all values that are a must as far as we are concerned in this line of work.

Do you work on a cash-only basis?

Yes, our home builder will not accept any other form of payment. Should this change, we will be sure to advertise it on our website.

Is Carlsbad, CA the only area that you offer your services to?

No, we also offer it to Rancho Ponderosa, Carlsbad, CA. We will, however, consider requests for other areas.

What are the working times of Rivera Construction Inc?

We are available from the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

How good is your workmanship?

Find out for yourself by opening our gallery page now.

What about free estimates?

If you are asking if we offer this service, then of course we do. In our business, free quotes are our bread and butter. As there are not many other companies that can beat our prices. But, if you still want to try, be our guest. Just remember, cheap quotes may mean corners have been cut, so proceed with caution.

What are your other services?

Please read the following detailed list:

  • Residential Renovation & House Remodeling;

  • New Construction;

  • Room Additions;

  • Foundation Work;

  • Hardscape;

  • Drainage;

  • And More;

Anyone that wants further information on the above, please feel free to call us now.

Has your company been accredited by the BBB?

We certainly have, the Better Business Bureau has seen fit to reward our construction company with their coveted accreditation.

Client feedback or reviews?

To read what has been said by our previous clients about our services, workmanship, and prices, please open our testimonials page now.

By now, our frequently asked questions article should have more than touched base with all of your questions, so if you would like to make an appointment with our remodeling contractor, please do not hesitate to contact us at (760) 205-2835 today, or within the hours we have listed in this post.