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Important Questions You Should Your Custom Home Builder

It Pays to Know

You can identify a builder who specializes in the style of home you’re looking for by doing some research online, going to some home shows or parades of homes, or reading any local real estate periodicals. Pay attention to the way in which potential builders interact with you at this stage to make sure that you can establish a rapport with them that you will like maintaining throughout the home-building process and beyond.

Once you’ve got a short list of potential builders, it’s time to start asking some fundamental questions about their backgrounds and qualifications.

Do you have a current project I could see and/or clients I could speak with?

A good custom home builder should have a list of references you can call to ask about their experience. These are likely to be satisfied clients, so in addition to inquiring about how easy (or difficult) it was to work with the builder and whether they finished on time and within budget, be sure to ask some tough questions as well.

What kind of future growth is planned for the area where my new home will be constructed?

It is recommended that homeowners search for a contractor who is well-informed about the city and how its developments may affect their future lives as homeowners. If you sold your house tomorrow, would you get more or less money if you waited five years to see if the planned developments helped or damaged the value of your home? Where will your children attend school, and what are the general evaluations of the school system where you plan to put them?

What was the biggest challenge a project gave you, and how did you handle it?

Examining a candidate’s response to adversity is, like every other interview question, a window into who they are as a person. Crazy tales abound on construction sites. Ask the builder to tell you about a time when there was a disagreement on the job site or an error in the construction that needed to be fixed so that everyone was happy with the outcome.

These are the top three guide questions but you can ask more. If you live around Carlsbad, CA area and are in need of a trusted custom home builder, you can never go wrong with Rivera Construction Inc. Call us (760) 205-2835 today for inquiries.